Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Playdough

We made snow playdough! Which is actually just  homemade playdough minus food coloring, with a LOT of glitter and optional peppermint oil or extract. Some people even put white paint into the mix. We didn't, but it was still a milky white and L definately got the point.

The picture above is obviously MY snowman, but I LOVE L's snowman (below)! I wasn't going to tell you guys....BUT I can't resist. See that white button at the bottom? According to L that is the know. haha! Gotta love kids!

Then it became a beach/birthday cake

 We  also used the teeny tiny Christmas buttons to make prints

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  1. hahaha! The button comment made me laugh!! We had a snowy play-doh activity when we read The Snowy Day, but thankfully that didn't cross my son's mind that day!

  2. Good morning! I just found your blog through Pinterest! Great ideas!


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