Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

Ok, so I know how overdue this is but I'm finally getting around to the holiday posts!
I had Thanksgiving with my family and invited my friend and her family to my moms house as well. So, it was my first Thanksgiving to put together a KIDS TABLE which I was so excited for!

I also wanted a few GAMES for the kids to play and stay occupied for awhile so the adults could finish the cookin.

Turkey Hunt Game

I found a turkey on Google images, resized it, printed a bunch of them out and colored them, cut them out and glued them onto popsicle sticks for a turkey hunt game. This could be an indoor or outdoor game but because it was so nice on Thanksgiving I held the hunt outdoors. I hid the turkeys before everyone got there. They had a blast looking for the turkeys in my mom's backyard.

Turkey Handprint Craft

The kids made these really cute handprint turkeys with feathers I cut out from paint color samples, googly eyes, and a beak and waddle. They traced their hands and then added everything else themselves with glue. I love how they turned out! 

Fall Sensory Bin

I brought our Fall Sensory Bin for them to play with as well. Sensory bins are always a hit!

and then dinner was ready! My mom had such a beautiful setup!

Each kids table included a I'm Thankful For...color sheet as well as a cup of crayons.  Oh! I made those turkey cups too! I just hot glued googly eyes, and a beak and waddle onto brown cups and used the same paint color samples from Lowe's for the feathers. This kept them busy while parents filled their plates!

and my pretzel/rolo bites which i'm proud to say
 I was making years BEFORE Pinterest was even invented! haha! They are always such a hit!

and there you have it! Almost 3 months later....my Thanksgiving post! It really was a wonderful Thanksgiving! I wonder how long it'll be till I get around to my Christmas post?!

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