Saturday, March 26, 2011

Window Markers

We've been having lots of fun with Window Markers lately. It's a great boredom buster and L gets a kick out of writing on the bathroom mirrors. I just sit him on the counter...actually I sit him in the sink, and he draws his little heart out. They come off the window and hands pretty easily too.
 If you have a sliding glass door, or a big window low to the ground these are great for outside as well.

I'll admit that my husband and I also have a set in our bathroom.
Buuuut, those messages and drawings are a bit more private.

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  1. We have those markers but they only write in white. They are really old so thanks so much for posting these. I had no idea they came in more colors! And I have to say I just can't get over how adorable he is in those glasses!!!

  2. We love the window chalk here. My sliding glass doors are constantly decorated.

  3. I use dry erase markers for the mirrors at our house. I love putting scriptures and love notes for my hubby to read while he's getting ready in the morning. I haven't tried them on windows but it might be an alternative to the window markers. Not sure what the price difference would be, but might be worth checking out for those penny pinchers like myself. :)

  4. L is so Stinkin cute!!! My son Eli had so much fun doin this too!!!


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