Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Week in Pictures

A weekly post
that captures the memories we've made
(including the cat)
from Monday-Sunday

I am again playing catch-up with this post, so these are really from the last few weeks.
Playing outside at his Nonny's house

Loving the massage chair at the furniture store

L loves dinosaurs so when we were playing outside I put some rocks in the grass and told him it was a dinosaur nest and dinosaur eggs. Wow, this led to lots of imaginative play!

Early morning walk to the beautiful Mildred B Cooper Chapel in the Woods

Trip to the park to feed the ducks with his friend

Same spot with Daddy on another day

and a trip to another park with daddy :)

A beautiful afternoon family visit to Devils Den State Park

and a kiss on the bridge

A VERY happy little boy

my mom and I took L fishing

we didn't catch anything but he LOVED reeling it in.
 I casted and he reeled in..about a million times lol.

Library day with daddy

Signs of spring! yay!

Chocolate covered bananas
which were SOOO good but also led to many immature jokes by me and brian and some obscene gestures by me (when L wasn't looking of course)
hahaha-- hey, whatever keeps you laughing in your marriage, right?!

Some Afternap Activities

popcorn kernel sensory bin

What Caddy Cat has been up to lately

Bathtub Cat

Computer Cat

Sweater Cat which equaled Unhappy Cat

Cuddle Cat

Hope everyone has been having a lovely last few weeks!

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  1. hahaha I just LOVE Caddy time! Love the bananas-you crazy kids! ;)


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