Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I plan my families weekly meals, although I do not designate a specific meal for a specific day. Plans change, appetites change, available preparation time changes, etc. So, I do try to stick to my menu plan, but I choose which meals fit which dinner nights based on what meal is most convenient for that night. I always designate one night a week to leftovers.

I like organization but I also love flexibility so this works great for me!

Last week I didn't get to some of my meals I had planned, so they are on the plan for this week.  This is always largely due to the fact that my wonderful mom loves to go out to eat AND loves to pay..
so who am I to say no? :)

What we're having

turkey burgers, veggie rice, and green beans

Southwest chicken salad

tacos (turkey meat)

shrimp, bacon, and cheese quesadillas

baked cheese stuffed chicken and twice baked zucchini


If you are interested in menu planning, click on the article below!

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  1. Mmmm everything on your menu sounds soo yummy!!!!! :D

  2. Feel free to invite me for dinner! Yum!


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