Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

My friend Tiffany at The Simple Blessings participates in the Menu Plan Monday Linkup and since i've been a dedicated menu planner for about a year now, I knew I'd love to participate also!

I plan my families weekly meals, although I do not designate a specific meal for a specific day. Plans change, appetites change, available preparation time changes, etc. So, I do stick to my menu plan, but I choose which meals fit which dinner nights based on what meal is most convenient for that night. I always designate one night a week to leftovers.
I like organization but I also love flexibility so this works great for me!

Here are my meals for this week

Semi homemade white pizza

Crispy Chicken Fingers (crushed cheeze-its bread coating)
Mac N Cheese
Cheesy broccoli

Crab Bisque and artisan bread

Ranchero Enchilada Casserole

Bacon wrapped shrimp
baked zucchini

Italian beef sandwiches
kettle chips


If you are interested in Menu planning, click on the article below!

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