Thursday, March 24, 2011

Joplin, Mo Reptile Zoo

As we finally head into spring, our activities become more and more about exploring, whether that be right in our backyard or driving somewhere. This winter, I took the time to research all the cool places I wanted to go this spring and summer that are within an hour or less driving distance. I came up with a pretty cool list and we can't wait to visit some old and new favorites.
On Tuesday we vistited one of those places on my list.

The Reptile World Zoo in Joplin, MO

A really neat kind of a little hole in the wall place, with tons of reptiles and amphibians and a very friendly and knowledgable staff. We loved it.

THE biggest anaconda i'd ever seen

I'd never seen a cobra do it's "cobra thing" but this one had its neck all puffed out and it was dancing around ready to strike! A few seconds after I took this picture, it DID strike at L! Of course, we were on the opposite side of the glass, but it scared the heck outta me!
All I could think was...a cobra just tried to kill my baby!


L wanted to see the alligator move, so the guy working there reaches his hand in and started petting the alligator's head! The alligator closed his eyes and his tail started he liked it! I had to stop watching though, because I just knew I was about to see someones arm get snapped off and I just couldn't hang anymore. lol

I'd never seen a rattle snake rattle either.

If you are within a reasonable driving distance and are looking for a little afternoon fieldtrip, this is a pretty neat place to check out. Visit their website for more info.

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  1. I really gotta take the kids there someday soon! :)

  2. cool. I will have the car all the time, so it will be easier to get together with you on a whim. :)

  3. Hi I am actually going here this weekend. Is it a decent size place..or all in one room or what? Its me and my gfs 1 year anniversary and we love snakes and have four of our own..and I wanted to do somthing we both ya but I wanted to make sure it was worth while

  4. Yeah it's a pretty decent sized place. 3 large sections (rooms). Kind of a roadside attraction but definately worth going! Happy anniversary! Hope y'all have a great time :)


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