Monday, October 18, 2010

Jello Sensory Activity

I am NOT a fan of Jello but I kept thinking that I could let L have lots of fun with it, and perhaps not present it as food. I made two batches of Jello and poured it into a large pan and when it hardened, I brought out the colored rice and noodles, and cookie cutters and just let him have a go at it!

Never once did he try to eat it but he did as I hoped have a blast with it!

Just starting to experiment.
 He pushed the noodles into the Jello and LOVED that it got stuck in there! He didn't mix it all up for a long time. He just kept experimenting with the noodles and rice. It was fun just to watch him.

After it was all mixed up he called it "garbage" and pushed it around with his cookie cutters using them as
bulldozers. He put this frog in the middle and told me the frog was sitting on top of the garbage.

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  1. Cool! Going to do this today with my Zoey!!

  2. Where do u get colored rice and noodles?


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