Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Foliage Pumpkin Centerpiece

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This was a last minute Thanksgiving centerpiece that L made using a pumpkin and
fall foliage that we collected on a nature walk on Thanksgiving Day. 

what you need
Fall foliage
(we took a nature walk first to gather our supplies)
Something to make holes in the pumpkin
(I used a screw driver)

what you do
1. Use a tool to make holes of different sizes in the pumpkin

Let your child fill the holes with your fall nature treasures!

L enjoyed this so much! He had lots of fun finding things to fit the right sized holes. He would fill the holes and then take everything out and start over. It was awesome!
The process of filling the holes is so much fun for toddlers.
LET THEM explore with it!
To get L to keep the foliage into the holes to finish the centerpiece, I had to make up the game "Can you fill ALLLLL the holes of the pumpkin?!" and this did the trick! 

This one was made for his Nonny. I love it so much that I think we'll do this again for our house!

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