Monday, October 18, 2010

Nut Boats

I saw this adorable little crafty activity in the Family Fun magazine (which I just love).
Walnuts are probably one of the best nuts to use but all we have is black walnuts in our backyard, so until our next nature walk, we'll just set our black walnut boats to sail!

I glued my sticks on with superglue but you can also use a small ball of playdough.

This activity was just too cute!
There were moments of sailing and lots of sinking and L loved it!

and we have our champion!

Happy Sailing!

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  1. Absolutely amazing ideas - thank you for sharing

  2. Looks like I have a new bonding activity to try with my kids! Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Wonderful ideas:) you're jello and goop link after this one both lead to the nut boat link... Just wanted to tell you!:)


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