Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Painting and Printing with Styrofoam

I saved a few pieces of styrofoam from the kid's bunkbed delivery. The last time I got my hands on some styrofoam we made Styrofoam Sculptures, which was really cool! This time I wanted to try painting it and printing with it. L really liked working with styrofoam. He said it looked like snake skin...and it actually kind of does!

First he painted the styrofoam...which was his favorite part.

and laid it on paper to create a print

This one was my favorite. We worked on this together.
I suggested to L that we make an ocean scene.

L actually did most of it himself!

The final product before we printed with it.
I was really excited to print it on paper so I could save it!

This is the print product after it was after we laid paper on top and gently patted it so the print transferred completely. I love how it turned out!

L made LOTS of prints and used every side of our styrofoam pieces.
If you get your hands on some styrofoam remember to SAVE IT for two cool projects...
Styrofoam Painting and Printing, and Styrofoam Sculptures!

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  1. Now you need to frame the picture! I did that with one each of my grandkids coloring or painting pages! I hung it by each of their handprints on their wall in my play room! Unfortunately, we painted over it a few months ago but I hung a 3 x 4 picture canvas of the six grandchildren and me! I love it and it looks modern and captures for all time my precious blessings who have grown up too fast! :)

    I so wish I had known all these neat things to do with my own when they were little, but the grands and I used to get together often to bake or make crafts, especially for the holidays! I remember even doing crafts with them on the holidays, which gave their parents a break! Oh, the good old days!

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  3. Hi
    I saw this on Pinterest and loved it. I have been exploring art since I retired from a teaching career. To tell the truth, I was told I didn't have the talent to take art in high school, so I believed. Now I
    know I can do whatever I believe I can do. Can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing this post. I love art and I discover some new things for making a perfect art. I got an idea from your post about making some printing design by using polystyrene (Styrofoam). I have polystyrene sheet in my garage so I make some creative pattern on it and make an attractive design with it.


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