Friday, September 7, 2012

Chocolate Playdough and Bakery Pretend Play

L wanted to play with play dough and I immediately thought...chocolate playdough (hey, I was hungry!) and so when I went to looking for recipes and one of my favorite blogs The Imagination Tree, had a recipe for chocolate playdough, I was thrilled! It's a very simple recipe (no cook), and I cannot stress enough HOW AMAZING THIS STUFF SMELLS! It totally smells like fresh baked cookies! We played BAKERY with our chocolate playdough for HOURS and part of that was because I just didn't want to put it smells that delicious!  
no I didn't do some cute and elaborate bakery setup, but sometimes there's no time or just no reason to. Our bakery and L's imagination thrived in spite of the mess :)

 This was B's first playdough experience and he loved it! Tried to eat it twice but decided he didn't like it and then proceeded to squish and pull it to pieces for better than an hour!

chocolate candy squares
chocolate cookies and ice cream

and Mom's famous chocolate pie :)

helping himself to a big slice!

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  1. This looks FUNtastic!! Love chocolate play dough:)

    Btw, how did you make the pie? the top portion with little windows? did you roll and punch out holes?


  2. for a moment I thought it was real! great idea!

  3. Roopa, I have a mini pie maker. I don't think any of my pictures show it clearly but it's like this one.. So far we've only used it for playdough pies!

  4. I did not know you get pie maker(molds) like that. Thanks

  5. awesome, we've madelavender and orange scented but chocolate looks divine.


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