Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Summer of Colored Sand

We've been playing with colored sand A LOT this summer! The colored sand I buy is a seasonal item here that can be purchased in the summer at Walmart (i'm not sure where else). It's Crayola brand and it comes in 20 lb bags for about $8 a bag. There are several colors to choose from. 
Two bags have lasted us the entire summer and I plan to buy a few more to have sand play during the winter months ahead.

We don't have a sandbox, but I've used a large plastic storage bin
for most of our sand play, and it's worked perfectly.
I keep in outside and with the lid on, it has stayed bug free!

I set him up outside with all sorts of
 bowls, scoopers, plastic bugs, pots and pans, funnels, sifters, pie tins, cups, etc.

One thing we've recently discovered is how cool an ice cube tray is for sand play!

My favorite was using the huge bowl to make the "world" before the two sand colors were totally mixed together. L thought this was really cool!

even little B got in on the fun!

One sand play day B even got his own mini sandbox!

After a few weeks when I could see that L was tiring of playing in the sand, I introduced water into the equation! That's my secret to keeping him interested in many of our activities.
 I don't introduce everything all at once.
I wait until the excitement wanes and then throw another element into the mix.
Adding water has revived our sand play!

I've used it inside as a sensory bin for B, which you can see HERE.

and we've even dumped it on the floor which both kids LOVED!
L even got some sweeping practice in afterwards :)

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  1. Looks like a blast. Hopefully our Walmart still has this product because I can see how it would brighten our long, cold, winter nights.

  2. YOU ARE A GREAT MOM! i love your blog and such greeeat ideas! keep posting!!

  3. i know its just sand but it looks so much cooler when its different colours. very tempted to splash out on some despite the fact Goblin is fine playing in regular sand.

  4. Just found your blog on pintrest yesterday and I love it! I love that you're not afraid to let your kiddos make a mess! My only regret is that I didn't find your blog sooner!

  5. I really appreciate the tip about extending the play through adding elements gradually. So far I've been introducing everything all in one go but this week I've held back more and I can already see the difference. Thanks again.

  6. Awesome idea, we don't have walmart here so I added powdered tempura paint to regular sand and made my own :)


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