Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Life in Pictures

A Picture Post About Our 
Life Between the Activities

 discovering new trails

 And visiting an old favorite place
but always discovering it in new ways!

Fun at the farmers market with friends

Girls Night In
I hosted a Girls Night In on the Patio Party with a do-it yourself quesadilla bar. I love spending time with my friends and planning mini just-because parties :)

discovering a new favorite outdoor restaurant

special "just because I love you" lunches for L

Spending the last warm days enjoying our favorite creek spots

and parks

Boating on Beaver Lake

Starting a nightly journal routine, which I'll post about later.
We've really been enjoying this!

fresh eggs and homemade cookies delivered
personally by a wonderful friend :)

Funny Suprises
My husband and I like to leave notes or things for the other to find. Sometimes the "thing" is funny, sometimes it's romantic...and this time I opened up the medicine cabinet and found "The Annoying Orange" (from YouTube) on the shelf. Totally made me laugh!

Super Silly Suppers

the cutest sad faces ever!
This particular sad face was being made simply because lunch was "all done."

embracing the curl
FINALLY accepting and embracing my naturally curly hair and am almost wearing it curly all the time. When I asked my Play Create Explore Facebook friends for curly hair advice, I was so suprised by the response! I have been putting your great curly hair tips and advice to use and I have never been happier wearing my hair natural! So thank you again to all my Curly-Q's out there!

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  1. That park is really amazing. I've never seen a tire swing like that either.


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