Monday, September 6, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk and Water

Sidewalk chalk has been a favorite of ours all summer. If your kids ever tire of it, try adding water as an element of fun! The color of the chalk is magnified and makes the most beautiful bright colors when wet! Plus, it takes on a different texture, almost feathery when it dries. Even at 2, L knew there was something different about his chalk this time, and of course, any chance to play in water makes everything more fun!

  • A Few Ideas
  • They can dip the chalk in a bucket of water and write with it
  • Draw with the chalk then pour water over the drawing and watch the splashes of color run everywhere
  • Pour water on the sidewalk then draw in the puddles
  • Use a paintbrush!
  • Draw with the chalk then dip the paintbrush in water and paint the chalk
  • Draw in a puddle with the chalk then swirl the color around with the paintbrush
  • or just paint with the water!

Drawing on his feet :)
The camera doesn't do the color justice. When you write with chalk in water, the colors are SO bright and vivid. I definately got in on the fun!

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