Monday, September 13, 2010

Dinosaur Themed Playdate

Lots of streamers (may have went overboard) but I was going for a jungle look with red lava

This was the Dinosaur Sensory Bin play area (my mom lended me her house plants for a more jungle feel)

For every party I throw, I cover our coffee table with easel or butcher paper, and set out a bowl of crayons, just for a fun extra element to the party. For this party, I freehanded a brontosaurus and my friend did a T-Rex for me (because I would not have been able to pull that one off!) I had them laminated and then picked up some of those new dry erase crayons so they could color the dinosaurs and then I'm able to wipe them clean afterward and start anew!

Yay for friends who draw better than you do! haha! Seriously Tiffany (a fellow themed party lover, crafty, artsy, wonderful momma) did a great job! Visit her blog for lots of fun and educational ideas for toddlers!
I velcro'd the T-Rex to the fridge.

I keep window markers in L's bathroom at all times, but I wanted to welcome our friends to use them!

These "Dinosaur Eggs" were the playdate favors. These were made using homemade COFFEE DOUGH.
Since they are easy to break open, I stuck prizes inside them (either mini dinosaurs or plastic diamonds) for the kids to "excavate" and find.

Each child got their own dinosaur egg

L opening his dinosaur egg

Some of my friends have sent me pictures of their kids opening their dinosaur egg!

"M" opening her egg

Its a baby dinosaur!

"G" opening his egg

Its a diamond!

Party Food and Drinks
(which regrettably I didn't get pictures of)

Dinosaur shaped pb&j's
Dino Eggs in the Nest (grapes on shredded lettuce)
Lava Juice (red fruit punch)

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  1. What an OUT OF THIS WORLD fun play party!!! Your friends are sure blessed to have creative soul like you!

  2. Why thank you! And I must say that i'm blessed with some great friends!

  3. OMG I discovered your blog around
    4 this morning could not sleep for the life of me. Now I am back at 8:30 my wheels have been turning (lol) I can not wait to do a dinosaur playdate for our playgroup now. You are very creative and I love it!!! Anymore fun playdate ideas?

  4. Thank you so much, what a compliment! I love love love themed playdates, and yes, I have Tons of ideas! haha...I should do a summary blog about a few themes one of these days. :) Thanks again!


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