Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beeswax Bowls

I found this tutorial for Beeswax Lanterns on a great blog called Morning Sun Rae. I had to modify it a bit because I didn't have but a couple bars of wax. So I couldn't make big lanterns BUT I did make little Beeswax Bowls! They are so cute, and smell delicious!

You can use the tutorial I mentioned above, but I will also try to easily sum it up. I apologize for the "how to" pictures. They aren't the best quality because I had my husband take pics with his Iphone instead of our big camera. ohhh well.

What you Need
 Beeswax (bars or pellets can be found online or at craft stores like Hobby Lobby)
Crock pot or double broiler

What you Do

1. Melt your beeswax in a double broiler (or crockpot)

2. Fill your balloons with cold water. Small balloons if you have a small amount of wax and a bigger balloons if you have more wax to dip your balloon in (I guess thats probably a "duh" huh? haha! ANYWAY...)
You want the balloon itself to be round
(they aren't all round when filled with water so test them first before tying them off)

3. When your wax has reached 150-160 degrees F you can start dipping your balloon into the wax.
*I highly suggest protecting your skin as much as you can in case your balloon pops in the wax (which mine did the first time!) You definately DO NOT want to be splashed with hot wax!

*To prevent your balloon from popping:
Do not overheat the wax (don't bring it to a boil)
Don't touch your balloon to the bottom of the pan

*I hope you didn't get burned!
*Remove any balloon pieces from the wax and wait for it to remelt 
then try try again!

Yes, I know I look crazy but I was terrified of popping the balloon in the lava wax! When my balloon actually DID pop I was soooo glad I was rediculously overprepared!

Dip your balloon in the hot wax (don't touch the balloon to the bottom!) for a few seconds and lift out. Let the wax harden for a few seconds then dip again. Continue this process for about 10-20 dips or so. More dips (layers) for bigger balloons.

Make sure you are dipping to the same line each time

4.  After you've finished dipping your balloon and its hardened a bit, use a warm plate or a warm frying pan to create a flat bottom for your bowl. Set your balloon carefully onto the pan or plate for a few seconds to melt the bottom flat.  (sorry, forgot to take a picture of this step!) When its hardened, set your balloon onto a flat surface to see if it stands straight.

5. Let it harden for about 5-10 minutes.

6. Then take your balloon over the sink and while holding the wax end, pop your balloon
My husband actually stayed up later than he would have normally, just so he could be the one to pop the water balloon! haha! No i'm not kidding! He did a fantastic job LOL :)

7. Ok, now you want your bowl to have a smooth, pretty top, SO using the technique you used to flatten the bottom of the wax bowl, you'll do the same for the top. Turn your wax bowl upsidown and gently press it onto the warm plate or frying pan (just a few seconds!) This gives it a nice smooth rim!


I took two of those bowls and poked two holes on either side to tie off small rope for a handle. These are hanging in my kitchen and I will be getting little LED lights to set in them so I can use them like candles. I'm sure they will glow beautifully!

Not sure what to do with the rest of them. Gift them perhaps!

Here they are with a tea light candle at night. I'll be buying LED lights for future use but I just couldn't resist seeing what they would look like lit up! I love the warm glow! I hated to blow them out, but definately didn't want to risk melting the bowls!

Can't wait to make MORE!
I need more beeswax AND food coloring to dye the wax orange to make some for halloween!

I also plan to make some bigger ones and when the leaves start changing this fall, I'll collect some of them to modge podge onto the bowls (or lanterns I guess they could be called if I make the bigger ones next time)

I love love love working with natural materials!
It is so fun to create!

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  1. I like that idea to make Haloween lanters.
    I have never worked with bees wax but this makes me want to.

  2. Sadly, I forgot to make beeswax halloween lanterns but this year I will! Beeswax is so much fun to work with. I reccomend buying it in bulk online. Its pretty pricey for a small block at a Hobby Lobby.

  3. I officially Looove your blog. You have so many awesome ideas here!!! Thank you SO much for stopping by our blog and sharing them. I can't wait to spend some time creating some of the things that you have shown me on here for my own home! Thanks


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