Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sponge Balls

My good friend Tiffany from Mama's Simple Blessings made these sponge balls with her daughter and I thought this was such a cute idea! I call them "sponge flowers" because thats what they remind me of. They are super easy to make and L AND  loved them! I brought them outside with a big bucket of water and they had a big sponge fight. Lots of squealing and laughing and brotherly love. 

I think at some point this summer i'll be making lots more of these, filling some buckets with water and washable paint, and letting the boys play "White Shirt War." I'm sure J would love to do this with his friends. L can also play with these things in the tub. I really love these things!

How to Make Sponge Balls
To make 3 sponge balls you'll need 6 sponges, dental floss or ribbon, and some scissors

 Step 1: Cut sponge lengthwise into four equal strips. Repeat for second sponge
Step 2: Stack sponge strips as shown below, alternating colors. Place length of dental floss under stack.

Step 3: Tie floss around stack, drawing strips together into a pom-pom shape. Wrap tightly and knot.

TADA! Thats all there is to it!

Note: The directions pictures are not my own, they are from Betz White I accidentally deleted my "sponge flowers in the making pics."

L and J havin fun with Sponge Balls

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  1. How fantastic! I think this is what the kids will be doing outside for hours this summer!


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