Thursday, May 27, 2010

Contact Paper Collage

The action of sticking things to other things is such an important part of a child's exploration! That's why collages are a great activity for toddlers. It's not the finished product that will delight toddlers, it's the process of exploring, experimenting, tearing, and assembling, etc.
You can always use paper and glue, but here's a fun twist--TRY CONTACT PAPER!
Let your child pinch and then sprinkle and pat collage items onto sticky contact paper for an easy, no glue, "stick it" collage experience!

 For easy handling and moving, tape the corners of the contact paper (sticky side up) to a piece of cardboard about the same size as the paper.

We did 2 types of contact paper collages today, a nature collage, and a random crafty objects collage. The second one worked really well as a project for Lawson to do while I was fixing dinner. Kept him busy for a straight hour!

L's Experience with Contact Paper Collage's

~~~L's Nature Collage~~~

This is optional but I really wanted to keep this so I sprayed the whole thing with spray adhesive afterward

~~~Craft Objects Collage~~~

I don't really have a finished product picture because he stuck and unstuck everything so many times that the paper became unsticky. He absolutely loved this! I was able to save most of the things he stuck on the paper for another day. L doesn't care about the final product anyway, remember...its all about the PROCESS at this age!

We will definately be repeating this activity.
L loved this, and it was one of my favorite activites we've done so far.

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  1. I did something similar with my grandson. We used clear contact paper and bits of colored tissue paper. Then put another clear piece over the top and hung it in the window. This made a sandwich of the clear sheets with the tissue in the middle. He was just one when we did this.
    Lots of great tips!

  2. Where do you buy this contact paper?

  3. I bought contact paper in the kitchenware section of Walmart.

  4. Contact paper seems to be a very fun activity for the toddlers. Encourages creativity and resourcefulness. I hope to add this activity to our baby music classes sydney.

  5. This is extremely amazing and wonderful! Thank you for sharing this. Awesome and perfect for the kids. We also did a Contact Paper Transfer Art out of the same materials you used. You should check this out! Contact Paper Transfer Art


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