Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Emergency Boredome Bag

We rarely spend all day indoors, but today was one of those days...the weather was just too unpredictable. By the middle of the day I was feeling pretty guilty about keeping L so cooped up. He was running around crazy and driving ME crazy so I thought....what would keep him busy??? It would have to be something he's not used to doing or playing with....but i'm busy cleaning so I can't sit with him for an art project. Hmmm...what to do?

Then, a most brilliant idea came to me! This is without a doubt NOT a new idea of course, but it is the first time I myself have thought of this so I consider it MY brilliant idea! A BOREDOM BAG! A bag filled with random objects that he doesn't often play with, or GET to play with....objects that could even be used together.

So I took a quick 5 minutes, ran around the house and gathered some random items:

After gathering these items I then had another flash of brilliancy! To further extend Lawsons attention to these items I glued magnets to almost everything I found! This took only an extra 5 minutes and was sooo worth it! I also liked my little bag clip bug I made...so i'll show it off...lol

I had a green bagclip so I added googly eyes and presto...it became a bug! L loved this thing!

I set up his giant dry erase board (but he could have easily just used the fridge) and let him dig into his bag! He acted like it was Christmas! After exploring the bag he went straight to work putting everything on the board. 

One of his favorite things was the milk carton. I took the lid off and cut a hole in the side, so he dropped things in the top and then got them out through the hole in the side.

This bag was so simple to put together and it provided a whole days worth of entertainment! He may have left the board for a bit after playing with it for awhile, but he kept coming back to it, with new ideas on how to maniplulate everything or make a new game out of one or a few of the objects.

At the end of the day, I put everything into the bag and it will be brought out again in an extreme case of boredom! Maybe I'll add a few new items everytime I bring it out. But no doubt about it...this idea was a winner...and a definate mommy sanity saver today!

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