Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tracing Bottle Caps and Lids to Make an Outline Matching Activity/Puzzle

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We have a huge lid and bottle cap collection that we play with often and in so many different ways. This was one of our newest activities where I simply traced them in different ways onto many different sheets of paper, so the boys could match them up with their outlines. I did many simple patterns for my youngest (almost 2) and some more difficult ones for my oldest (almost 5).  I traced them on cardstock to make them sturdier so we could save them, but i'll eventually get them laminated as well. This activity was a huge hit with both boys, and it was a great way to demonstrate and talk about circles, colors, counting, big/medium/small, as well as working on fine motor skills! It's also great to use as a busy bag!

I started with a few super simple ones for Little B. 

To keep it more simple for B, I gave him the lids/caps that matched each card. 
It was a great way to work on BIG/LITTLE. 
I was SO surprised at how precise he was putting the lids exactly within the circles they belonged!

And on this one we worked on BIG/MEDIUM/SMALL, 
as well as counting the number of circles and lids. 

Lots of my lids were the same size, but different colors, 
which made it more visually interesting. 

I made a few more difficult patters for L, 
and then I also just gave him the whole collection for him to sort through to look for the best fit to match. 

This one was the grand finale for my oldest!

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  1. Great idea! I love that it is easy to do and can be enjoyed by both toddlers and preschoolers. We will be doing this for sure. :)

    1. Thank you Ann! Yes, super easy to do :)

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  2. Wow! This is so simple to put together and I have a stash of bottle caps I have been saving for sometime :) I really wanted to work with the "medium" word - this will definitely help him understand.

    Thank you for the fab ideas. Will be trying this very soon.

  3. It's actually not as easy matching as it seems when you have caps that are close in size, Is there a reason you would add any other shapes like keys?

  4. I am a huge bottle top fan, always looking for crafts and ideas. This is such a simple, yet super idea for using bottle tops. Love it!

  5. Saw this post earlier this summer and started saving lids and caps, crazy how they add up fast! Now that we have plenty, I did this activity today with my 2 and 4 year old. As I was tracing all the different lids/caps I had, I realized another way I could make it easier, especially with caps that are similar in size, was to trace in a marker the color of the lid, I used black for white lids. Anyway, it was great and sure kept us busy for awhile. My 4 year old wanted to make her own, so she spent a lot of time tracing, or at least attempting to trace, all the lids too. Thanks!


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