Saturday, June 15, 2013

Construction Site Sensory Bin Gift

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I LOVE making homemade gifts for my friends and their kids. A friends' son turned 4 and for his birthday I made him a construction site small world sensory bin. It was so easy to setup and I found everything at Walmart. I was running low on time so I couldn't go home to use any of the items I already had so I purchased everything at Walmart, although altogether was still very reasonable. The sand and rocks were found in the aquarium/fish section. The large rocks and colored rocks were found in the floral section.  I added a tin bucket and funnel and also some styrofoam balls which if I had more time I would have painted grey or black. The trucks were purchased in a pack and I threw in some nuts, bolts, and washers as well.  

I purchased a medium/large size plastic storage container and used black and yellow duct tape to decorate the top of the box. I didn't want to write on the lid so they could reuse the container for something else later. 

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  1. I love this! The colored rocks, nuts, bolts, and washers make it stand out from the other construction site small worlds/bins that I've seen (including ours!)

  2. Very cute! What a wonderful idea - will be making one for my nephew who is turning 4 in the fall!

  3. That is such a cool play set... and what an awesome gift!! You are so clever!

  4. the floral section and the aquarium section...what a great way to think out of the box. I never know where to get these things

  5. Oh gosh this is an awesome gift! I love sensory bins and this one of yours is just fab!

  6. Love this bin!
    Jada Roo Can Do

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  9. Love this! Making one for a 4 year old 's birthday this weekend! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea with us!

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