Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Color Themed Baths

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During our Color of the Week Series here on Play Create Explore, we explored 11 colors, 1 color-1 week at a time. We did tons of activities and sensory bins each week, but my favorite part of our color explorations were our color themed baths! They were fun to set up, and the kids of course had a blast! The best part is that for my youngest especially (21 mo) it was a really fun way to reinforce color recognition. Out of our 11 weeks of color, I did 8 color themed baths including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and black. 

for each bath, you can click the bath title's link to see our full color themed week and more details about each bath! 

A red apple themed bath with a fun letters and numbers learning activity. 

Squeeze bottles filled with red and yellow to ultimately create an orange bath. 
Fun while learning about color theory. 

A sunny yellow lemon scented bath with a learning shapes focus. 
Sunshine Bath Paint included! 

A simple bath with green objects and a painted green forest. Very fitting since we live in the woods :) 
Green Eucalyptus Bath Paint included! 

This yummy berry scented bath had a ton of fun artsy elements, including 
Sparkling Berry Blue Bath Paint and Berry Blue "spray painting" 

A super simple and deliciously grape scented bath with the addition of purple bath friendly objects for play. 

Super fun pretend play--A pink lemonade stand themed bath! Complete with "pink lemonade" in a jug, cups, fake ice cubes, and pink lemonade bath paint. They more they poured, the more pink their bath became!

A super simple-to-set-up bath focusing on a zebra theme. 
A nice black and white contrast themed bath! 

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To see all of our Fun Baths, click the photo below! 

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  1. so outrageously awesome!!!! I especially love the pink lemonade! I'd like to take a bath in that one !!! :):)


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