Monday, May 13, 2013

Black Light Sensory Bin

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I made a fun Black Light Sensory Bin for the boys just shortly after we did Black Light Painting which was SO.MUCH.FUN! I knew I wanted to do sensory bin too while we were still on the black light kick.

Black Light Painting

I used the neon aquarium gravel that we used in our Rainbow Sensory Bin, some glow in the dark aquarium rocks, glow sticks, a moon and star projector tap light, and other random things from around the house that were neon colored or white, or just that I thought would pick up the light well. Some things worked better or  brighter under the black light than others but the whole thing together glowed wonderfully and it was such a neat experience for the boys!

I set up a lamp (uncovered) with a black light bulb on the living room floor.
I put the bin on a sheet for easy cleanup.

The camera doesn't really pick up how much the neon aquarium rocks glow, but they were much brighter than what you see in the picture! 

Both boys had lots of fun! I didn't spend any money on materials. 
We already had the black light which we purchased from Lowe's fairly cheap. 

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Click the photo below!

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