Monday, December 3, 2012

Silly Story Sequencing Blocks

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These were one of the many homemade gifts that I made for L in last years,
no battery operated toys Christmas.

 I'll try to explain these.

There are 3 blocks, each with 6 sides (obviously)...I'll give you examples to three of the sides to each block so you get the idea.

each side of block ONE (the far left) has the BEGINNING of a different small story.
1. Once upon a time there was a boy named Lawson
2. Once upon a time there was a Fish named Fishy
3. Once upon a time there was a Monkey named Mo.
You get the idea....

Each side of block TWO (the middle block), has a different MIDDLE of a story, but each story matches with one of the 6 BEGINNINGS of block one.
Every story on this block ends with "He drew a picture of himself and it looks like this...."

1. He lives in a house with his mommy, daddy, and baby brother. He loveds to play cars and superheroes and his favorite food ispeanut butter and jelly. He drew a picture of himself and it looks like this…

2. He lives in the ocean. He is orange with yellow fins. He loves to swim all day with his friends In his fish “school.” His favorite food is seaweed. He drew a picture of himself and it looks like this…

3. He lives in the jungle. He loves to eat bananas! He swings from tree to tree saying ooo ooo ahhh ahhh! He drew a picture of himself and it looks like this…

Ok, see how these match up with the beginnings of the first block?

Each side of block THREE ( far right block) contains a picture that matches the stories.
1. A picture of L
2. Fish
3. Monkey

OK, i'm assuming you understand the concept lol, but the point is for me to play along with him.

There are a few things we can do with them.

1. We can practice story sequencing (beginning, middle, and end), we can roll the dice and see what silly story we got (obviously the beginning, middle, and the end picture will hardly ever match up and we'd end up with a silly story),

2.  We can also read them and match them up ourselves.

If you like this activity, click the picture below to see our Photocopy Storybook, which is another activity that encourages creative writing and storytelling.

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