Thursday, December 20, 2012

Playing with Playdough in Water

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We always make homemade playdough, and our most recent batch was Pumpkin Pie Scented Playdough that I made for Thanksgiving. Homemade playdough can last for months and months, but now that we are in the Christmas Holiday, we were ready to move on to a new batch of holiday playdough and retire our Thanksgiving batch. So I thought we'd try a new kind of playdough activity.

Playdough in water! 

Playdough in water is slimy, slippery, ooey gooey, squishy...
all those awesome adjectives that describe the type of play that my son LOVES!
It basically becomes a new sensory material for a whole new way to play with playdough.

For the setup, I laid a towel on the table first, then set a big bowl with water, 
some mixing and smashing utensils, and our Pumpkin Pie Playdough. 
Playdough Activity

Playdough Activity

The more playdough that was mixed and smashed into the water, the thicker the water became, 
and then L started pretending he was cooking and making soup.

even I couldn't resist playing in it with him!

I should mention that putting your playdough in water will "ruin" your playdough. We did this activity because we were making a new batch and instead of throwing our old batch away, we had one last "hoorah" with it! It's a great way to play with old or about to be tossed playdough.

We'll definately be doing this again! 
I can't wait to get a more colorful batch of playdough in the water!

***A word of advice***
Due to the salt content of the playdough, if your little ones have dry hands the salty playdough water may sting a bit. We did 2 days of play with this stuff, and the first day he complained about it, but continued to play. However the 2nd day I lotioned his hands really well before we played and that seemed 
to do the trick.

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