Monday, December 10, 2012

Homemade Colored and Scented Rice for Sensory Play

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I've discovered a brand NEW and simple way to make 
Colored and Scented Rice for Sensory Play!

Have you seen the new Duncan Hines Frosting Creations?
 They are powders used to color, scent, and flavor white frosting, but you can also use them to create really awesome 
colored and unique scented rice for sensory play!
They have lots more flavors than the ones you see below.

The How To's

1. Ingredients
Bowl of uncooked rice (3-4 cups per color)
Choose your choice of frosting creation powder. 
I used 2 packets of each color to color about 3-4 cups of rice. 
Rubbing Alcohol

2. Put a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol into the bowl of rice

3. Stir well to coat all the rice with the alcohol

4. Add your packets of Frosting Creations
You'll notice how strong the alcohol smell is and probably wonder if it will mask the smell of your chosen scent. When your rice dries, the alcohol smell will dissipate, and you'll be able to 
smell the yummy scent!

5. Whisk or stir well to color all the rice

6. Lay the rice out to dry flat on a cookie sheet or tin foil 
Tin Foil was a good choice to dry the rice on because when it was dry and I was ready to put each color in gallon plastic baggies, all I had to do was pinch the sides and dump the rice straight into the baggies without any spills.
Drying time depends on how much rice you've made for each batch. 
My 3-4 cups of rice for each color was dry in about an hour. 

These were the colors and scents I made with the Frosting CreationsThey are such unique scents for sensory play! It was also easier than making colored and scented rice the usual way, because the color and scent are combined as one in the powder instead of using separate food coloring and essential oil/extracts.
(still need to make the bubble gum one!)

While I was at it, I did  make 2 pretty cool batches of colored and scented rice using the alcohol, regular food coloring, and extracts. I used anise extract and black food coloring to make Black Licorice Scented Rice, and I also used banana extract to guessed it... Banana Scented Rice (no coloring though). I liked the natural look for that one.

To check out ALL the other fun ways we've used Frosting Creations in Sensory Play Recipes, click on the photo below!

I also just discovered a new coupon for 50 cents off any Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Product to use at participating Walmarts. Offer expires 2/13/2013
To get the coupon, click HERE !

And for more colored rice play, click on the photos to see...


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  1. Great post. I'm curious if you combine them all into one sensory bin to play or keep them separate?

  2. Holy smokes. What an awesome idea. Thank you!

  3. I want to do all this frosting stuff with my kids (3 and 3 months - obviously he's a bit young yet haha) but im in Australia and can only get the Duncans stuff posted over for $3 each on ebay. Any ideas on what else i could use for the scents? Or another product similar?

    1. Using Kool Aid powder (or other powdered drink mix) also works well. The scent isn't as strong though so you may need to use a few packages.

  4. Just wondering where you get you bulk rice from and for how much?? Obviously since it's being thrown out I don't want to buy anything too expensive from grocery store!! Thanks!

  5. MaxsMom, I buy a large bag of rice at Walmart for around $10, but it definitely doesn't get wasted and thrown out. We reuse this same bag of rice for sensory play over and over again. We've had the same rice from just one bag for about 2 years. Sometimes I buy more for certain projects but then we keep that too as long as possible. I conserve it by always using a sheet or dropcloth under the sensory bin when we play so when it spills out of the bin I can just dump it back in.

  6. I just wanted to let you know that your dyed & scented rice has been a huge inspiration to me. I used to just use plain white rice for our sensory bins, or plain colored rice. I never imagined that scent could make such a difference but ever since I've started using this dyed & scented rice, I'll never o back to plain white again! My favorite so far has to be the mocha but my son seems to prefer the chocolate mint.

  7. I did something similar, but I used rice, 1 T of vinegar and a packet of Kool-Aid! Kool-Aid is 10 cents a packet in the summer time here, and I always have a ton of white vinegar around. The colors ar vibrant and they smell super fruity!

  8. We just made our first batch of rainbow rice. I've never heard of scented rice, but love how easy you made it sound! Definitely got to try that!

    Pinning this one for the future!

  9. Just linked up your blog on to mine - you have been SUCH an inspiration! We loved this recipe and, just like Jaci Lopez, we also used the Hawaiian punch singles! Smelled so yummy! Thank you for the wonderful idea of adding scent to colored rice!

  10. Duncan Hines has discontinued the flavor creations. They or on super clearance anywhere they are sold so stock up time!!!


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