Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Painting and Printing with Horse Apples

 2 Fun Kid Art Projects Using Horse Apples
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We recently went on a beautiful hike with our Creek Kids outdoor playgroup and came across a bunch of Osage Orange trees. These trees produce an inedible fruit called an Osage Orange, and also known commonly as a Hedge Apple or Horse Apple, as i've always known them to be. 

A few of the moms in the group collected some to use for decorating.
Some of mine sit simple and pretty in a white bowl in my living room...a perfect fall decoration complementing our brown, green, and white living room. A dear friend of mine who was also in the group suggested PAINTING WITH THEM! Brilliant idea!
Their bumpy texture just begs to be used for an art project!

SO, we spent one lovely afternoon painting and printing with our horse apples.

The first project we did was print with our horse apples. 
We used some nice fall paint colors and a few horse apples sliced in half.

L's Horse Apple Printing Techniques
L had a few favorite ways of printing with these.

the classic print technique

"the spin"

and "the drag"

Cool huh?!
 Now don't worry, we didn't let the horse apple's awesome bumpy exterior go to waste!
On to the next project!

and then after naps we continued our horse apple fun!
This one was our favorite!

When we were hiking with our Creek Kids group and we came across the horse apples, the kids immediately started throwing or rolling them. I wanted to incorporate that same fun into a painting activity so I thought we could smother them in paint and roll them down the driveway on some paper taped to the ground. I had no idea what to call this activity other than Rolling Horse Apple Painting lol. But this was a blast!  I couldn't get enough of capturing the fun of this activity!
Plus..it was pretty!

I put some large rocks at the bottom to at least keep a FEW from rolling into the road. I soon learned that part of the fun of this activity for L was running after the goopy runaway horse apples and catching them before they got to the road, and of course watching ME run after them!

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  1. What a fun idea! I wish that we had a similar fruit in Colorado. Round these parts when we use the term "Horse Apples" we are referring to horse poo :)

    Happy Fall!

  2. Wow what a fruit I have learnt something new as this is something we don't get in the UK

  3. Your blog is always full of such brilliant projects! Loved the rolling especially, I've never heard of horse apples but you've definitely given me inspiration for our next paint project! Thanks!

  4. Oh, how fun! :D (I have the same Corelle set. AND my living room is green and brown and white plus a little red. Hmmm...)

  5. Hi Jessie
    Just found your blog this evening and I have to say you have so many neat and creative ideas that I want to steal and use in my classroom next year haha. You must be like the coolest mummy ever :)

    I will certainly be back!

  6. Looks like fun especially the outdoor painting.

  7. What kind of paint do you use? I notice L has some on his socks and such, does it come out easy?

  8. This was washable poster paints, and it did wash out of his clothing.

  9. This is a great idea. Painting with new and different textured objects is a must for learning but, you might want to let people know that handling hedge apples (horse apples) can irritate some peoples skin. Gloves should be used with young children as a precaution.

  10. You could use this kind of design, if you want to create and produce your own custom pocket folder. What's good about this is that you could personalize it depending on what you like.

  11. Last week, my adorable toddler class made pull up banners through doodles. I will use this one as another creative activity.


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