Monday, October 29, 2012

3 Tips for Easier Grocery Shopping

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Like many women, you may hate the chore of grocery shopping. I definately used to, UNTIL I started figuring out a few tricks to making it easier and much more enjoyable!

Having a grocery list with a pen obvioulsy helps, but keeping up with that pen is the challenge! It's always falling out of the cart and I always hated reaching in and out of my purse or pocket for it to cross things off my list. My simple solution was hot gluing a magnet to the back of the pen. It stays on the cart and is always in a seconds reach!


I have more than once been called a "genius" by the check out clerks for this one! I fill a carry basket with all my fruits, veggies, and breads, and then stick this basket on the bottom of the cart. That way, all my fragile and bruisable stuff keeps from getting squished AND I save room in the cart!


The Mommy Hook...a brilliant invention that if you don't have, YOU NEED TO! You can buy The Mommy Hook at many large grocery and home goods stores such as Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. I use this to hook my purse on the cart as well as any bags that don't fit nicely in the cart when it's full. If you have children, this really comes in handy when they are sitting in the cart and you don't have to squish your purse beside them. It's also a great way to hang a jacket or an umbrella!

And there you have it!
3 tips for a more enjoyable shopping experience!

 bonus tip...MUSIC!
I carry earphones to plug into my phone and jam out to my favorite songs while I shop the dreary isles. Sometimes I actually look forward to grocery shopping because I get to listen to MY music for a change. The only problem is having to keep from dancing and singing through the isles!  

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  1. Shoot, i say dance woman dance! LOL! LOVE these tips! I don't do any of them but I need to! i think I'll get a magnet on my pen today before i go shopping! Thank you for some awesome tips friend! :)

  2. The basket underneath the cart is genius!

  3. I put baskets under my cart too, and always group my items when I pay. I LOVE your magnetic pen idea. I don't know why I haven't thought of that... I'm always dropping my pen!

  4. These tips are great!! Especially the magnetic pen one. A real pen will work much better than the mental pen I use to cross things out.

  5. Great tips! Will be using the basket next visit!

  6. These are great tips to remember to make shopping easier. It is also good to visit to know what products are recalled in order to avoid them when buying groceries.

  7. I love the carry basket idea! I use a grocery app (well i did before i washed my phone) for my list that my husband has too and he can add stuff from his phone so when I go to the store i automatically see it. His adds are things like having cream etc...haha. Mommy hooks rock but I have never put it on the grocery cart just a stroller so great idea! thanks girl!!!

  8. I hate searching pen from my handbag. Your idea is very cool and I should follow this tip. It really helps to make shopping easier.


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