Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby's First Time Painting (13 Mo)

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It was B's first time to paint and he LOVED it!
I greatly encourage letting your children get messy for the sake of fun from an early age! There are so many wonderful things that children can experience when parents let go of the issues with mess.
My motto has always been...what's 20 minutes of cleanup for a lifetime of amazing experiences and memories.  Now, back to painting...B doesn't really put things in his mouth very often so I just used storebought washable paint, BUT if you want to try painting with your baby (and you really should!), I do recommend using homemade finger paints (like THESE for example) it's cheap and non toxic...perfect for babies! Heck, you could even let them paint with pudding, yogurt, or ketchup and mustard even!

 Isn't a happy face like that worth a little cleanup time? :)

Here's another simple First Art project for little ones...

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  1. So you're basically my hero. Your site is my favorite for activities for really young kids. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. Wishing to have one next year. I would love to have my own baby if God permits. Crossing my fingers.

  3. Just found your website through a Pinterest post. Love it! My 21 month old son will be forever grateful =). I have been clicking through a lot of the posts and found that many of the links leed to another website: You may already be aware? I will definitely be back for more inspiration in the future and would love to check out all those links. =) Thanks again for sharing!

  4. This looks wonderful! The link to homemade finger paints goes to a funky page. Is there another link available?


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