Thursday, July 26, 2012

Themed Bath Thursday: Stuffed Animal Wash and Spa

TOTALLY inspired by Growing a Jeweled Rose's Sensory Bath Ideas, I decided to dedicate one night a week to making bathtime EXTRA special! Thursday's are usually our least busiest night of the week, so Themed Bath Thursdays were born! I actually forgot to post our bath last week, so This was our 7th week of themed baths.

Stuffed Animal Wash and Spa 
Stuffed animals, shaving cream, shampoo,
hair brush, squirt bottle, cup, sponge, paint roller (massager), and towels

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  1. Another very cute idea for a themed bath. Rosie would love this!

  2. This is a very cute idea! I love it. I'm always looking for fun things that my little sister would like:)

  3. The stuffed animal wash and spa surely looks fun for children! I do remember my grandma who keeps on telling me how great the long island spa is, She had fun there and also enjoyed the place.

  4. oh my gosh! this is a GREAT idea!

  5. Now I know what our cloakroom vanity units are for. I really should save some space there for the props that we're going to have for the themed bath. Excellent idea! Thanks!

  6. I can't help myself but to laugh when I saw the pictures! It is because I remember my son when he was still a small kid, he used to have themed bath like that.


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