Thursday, July 12, 2012

Themed Bath Thursday: Bathtub Movie Night

 TOTALLY inspired by Growing a Jeweled Rose's Sensory Bath Ideas,  I decided to dedicate one night a week to making bathtime EXTRA special! Thursday's are usually our least busiest night of the week, so Themed Bath Thursdays were born! This is our 6th week of themed baths.
Tonight's bath theme was
Movie Night!

I printed a ticket, made a sign, got some goodies together and put the IPad on a stand in the bathroom.
Super simple and L totally loved it!

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  1. Now THAT is a Luxurious! I've done that for the kids recently too, but not with the tickets and the popcorn ect! Might have to do that once they FINALLY finish school for the summer next week! Or for myself...:-)

  2. I so appreciate your including the link back to me within your themed bath posts! Truly means so much! I LOVE this theme!!! I can't wait to recreate it for Rosie one night soon. Such a fun bath. Pinned! :)

  3. Bathtub movie night looks fun; I bet my kids would love this idea. I will definitely suggest this to my kids since our bathroom is already finished just final touches with the designs then we’re on with this bathtub movie night.

  4. I never knew this type of movie night would work for kids. When we tried this at home, my kids truly enjoyed the movie and find the bathtub as a comfortable place even though it’s just small like this one in the picture.

  5. I love the movies, they are my passion. Always have been, always will be. I am working toward becoming a film critic. In my lifetime, I think I have seen thousands of movies.


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