Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Life in Pictures

A picture post about life during the past few weeks

Hiking with baby son

"Can I put my caterpillar on your back daddy?"

A very early morning walk and hunt for morel mushrooms in our backyard woods.
Didn't find any.

but did enjoy exploring my backyard!

2 of the 3 boys I love so much!
On my husbands rare days off, we like to all wear matching colors. lol. It may be a bit nerdy but it's kind of our thing. I had on grey too :)

I adore this

Our kitchen chalkboard on Easter morning


my self proclaimed genius idea for those who like me, still use paper grocery lists and cross off the items. I hot glued a magnet to my pen so it would stay put on the cart!

Learning B's likes and dislikes. Broccoli...dislike. I may try some cheese on it next time lol.

A great night out with a friend for her birthday.
Key lime pie ever!

Redecorated Dorthy's fishbowl.  L has never seen Spongebob and hopefully never will, BUT my husband does like Spongebob so I couldn't resist suprising him with this.

Our chalkboard the day I suprised L with tickets to the "Discover the Dinosaurs" event.

"Discover the Dinosaurs"
Really neat event with lifelike animatronic dinosaurs. L loved it!

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  1. Great pics! Reminder that we need to try geocaching.

    Broccoli tip: try mashing with a little banana, was a huge hit at our house at that age.

  2. I love your picture posts! Great pics as always!

  3. Cute!!! Love all the pics and FANTASTIC idea about the magnet, going to have to try that!!!

    Don't be afraid to try broccoli again and again and again! It can take kids many, many (we're talking even 10-15) times to accept new foods. :)

  4. Awesome pics! I love the fish tank!


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