Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Life in Pictures

A picture post about life during the past week.

Lots of yard time...and making up yard games, like "beach ball batting"

and a shaving cream slip n slide

a variation of pretty much what every end to our day looks like :)

Dining outside as often as we can!--before it gets too hot and muggy here in the south!

a smile that melts my heart

a visit to Lowe's....

where we bought L some PVC pipe to use as a car slide...or outside with dirt, rocks, water, etc.

The early bird early nap.

The mummy I drew on the Draw Something app/ game!
 I'm the worlds worst artist so I had to screen capture this proud artistic moment!
Does anyone else play this game? It is so fun!

B's  first time in a swing. He LOVED it!

and then he fell asleep lol

next day...a different swing, another nap lol

A visit to a friends house.
She lives in town, yet has this fantastic chicken coop in her backyard!
 L loved the baby chicks!

L's favorite spot in the library

I thought I'd show the birds a little love on the gorgeous Spring Sunday we had!
I hung a basket of nesting material and a peanut butter/birdseed toilet paper roll feeder on a branch in window view from the house.

And my husband and I finished off the week with a date night to see Circus Oz.
One of the coolest, most unique shows we've seen! If they come to a city near you SEE THEM!

And of course, THE CAT

I Spy Caddy Cat

She loves when I fold laundry and throw it on her lol.

and she also loves the laundry basket

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  1. What a glorious life you live :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Caddy!!! And what a fabulous week you had! :) B's first swing and swing nap! i love it! :)

  3. WOW! That Draw Something is a-maz-ing! I can appreciate the artistic achievement there!!
    Thanks for sharing all of your great posts. We had our friends over last week for a messy playdate and they all LOVED it!! Thank you! Next we'll try the birdseed sensory bin. My lil guys are the same age as yours, so your blog really speaks to me. :-)


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