Monday, March 26, 2012

The Super Awesome Messy Playdate!

I had some great friends and their kiddos over for one big messy awesome playdate!

The kids mixed up some great concoctions!

The Setup

Lots of different containers and utensils to mix their concotions in/with.
Everyone who came brought many more things too!

The ingredient and mixing area.
Coffee grinds, shredded paper, dry beans, noodles and rice, salt, spices, fake snow, birdseed. And everyone who came brought lots of great stuff too, like, glitter, oatmeal, acorns and pinecones, etc.
The kids had a really great variety of "ingredients" to work with!

The water station
I filled a spouted water jug with "glow water" and a few other containers as well. The kids poured their own water into their containers for mixing their concoctions.

and the fun begins!

such messy fun!

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  1. I love this! The photos are fantastic! This activity is just my style... messy and oh so fun! I love your ideas. I can't wait to try pretend cooking with real ingredients using confetti eggs. It is on our list for next week. Thanks for the linky love too! :)

  2. I LOVE following your blog! You have such creative ideas for your kids & I've done several of them w/my own. Keep up the good work!

  3. I follow your blog now for quite some time and I love most of your projects. Really like the fact that you leave the kids to their own creativity and let them explore so many different techniques. But what I really don't get is why you have to include so much food. In Germany this is really an absolute No-Go. I'm not judging, just asking if you ever thought about it and why you still chose to do so? Greets from the old world ;)

  4. iLilly, first of all, thank you for the compliment but also for your thought provoking question, which quite honestly is just something i've never thought about. It made me wonder how many food related activities we've done over the past almost 4 years. After looking through all 340 blog posts, we've done 13 activities using food that was not eaten. Because of where I live and just my current life circumstance, this does not seem excessive. However, that does not mean i'm discrediting individuals who would think otherwise. As a family we are concious of our waste habits and are currently working to reduce our carbon footprint as well (recycling, donating to charity, buying local produce and items with less packaging, buying organic and humane products, non-toxic cleaners, etc) I also try to instill in my son how lucky and blessed we are to have our basic needs met as well as much much more. On the flip side, If I stopped doing specific things or buying specific things because some people in the world are lacking those specific things...we would literally do and have nothing. So I guess my point is, I make a concious effort to do my "good" part in the world and make sure my children know how lucky they are to have the things they do. We do food projects so infrequently that I don't feel the need to modify our food usage for activities. I do recognize that the world may not view food usage for activities the way I do, but I also take advantage of our blessings and if buying a big bag of rice for a sensory bin is everyday life for me, not only am going to do that, i'm going to be extremely thankful for it. I hope I haven't offended you with my answer. Your question was a very interesting point of view and like I said before, very thought provoking. With the exception of my food related posts, i'm glad that you are enjoying Play Create Explore :)

  5. Thank you for your thoughtful answer! I understand your point of view of course, even if I might not agree completely I enjoy your posts and input! Greets

  6. I think this is AWESOME!! I love that you recycle food and products to make for such joyful and fun experiences for your sweet son (and all his buddies)! WHAT A PLAY DATE!!!!

  7. What a fun play date!! I would love to have something like that at my home one day. :) All my messes are contained at school right now! :)

  8. My daughter and i were lucky enough to attend this fabulous playdate and she had a blast!!! All the kids did. This sort of play has helped my daughter grow to not be scared of getting her hands messy, to play without fear of getting her clothes dirty, and she can now touch and hold bugs-something she would never do without having Mrs Jessie as a friend. This type of play is more educational and life changing then you can imagine! And we thank Jessie for this! :)

  9. I love this! So messy and so much fun! I love all the different textures, smells and colors involved!!! Thanks for sharing this at the Weekly Kid's Co-op!

  10. Just dropping by to let you know that I am featuring this today for The Kids Co-Op. Drop by and check it out . Oh, and thanks for sharing with The Kids Co-Op! I loved this post the first time I saw it :)

  11. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Can't wait to get some friends together for a great messy time like this!

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