Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Laminated Dinosaur

A few years ago I had a dinosaur themed playdate and wanted to draw a large scale T-Rex to have laminated, but I have zero artistic talent so my friend Tiffany drew it for me. It's intended use was for the kids to color it and with it being laminated I would be able to wipe the crayon away and use it again. We never got around to coloring it at that party and the other day I ran accross it again. I used velcro to stick it to L's dry erase board so he could use it how it was intended at the party.

This was a great imaginative element to add to his drawing board.
 He made up wonderful stories about the dinosaur as he colored it,
and used some of his other magnets as well.  

I'm thinking that once in a while we may add different large laminated story props to his board

It was wiped clean with a wet cloth to start fresh again!

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  1. Aren't dry erase boards the best?? My DS loves drawing on them (he is 21 months) and we can draw roads for his cars, and it's the best surface ever for playdough. Then we turn ours over and use the other side for building blocks on.

    I wonder if our sons have the same name. His also starts with L.

  2. Oh no, I came across his name on an old post. My DS's name is Logan.

  3. Hey!! This clay or play dough birds nest link takes you to the big laminated dinasour, really curious about the birds nest...any chance you can fix the link?


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