Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blonde or Brunette, What do you think?

Ok, so Thursday I am getting my hair colored for the first time in a LONG time.

I've been super dark

and blonde

and now i'm at my normal color which is just regular ole light brown.

I know most people follow the light in the spring/summer dark in the fall/winter, but I really don't care as long as I like my hair...I just can't decide though!  

So what do you think?? Light or dark?

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  1. I'd say go with dark! It looks great in your first picture. Plus: I dyed my hair dark yesterday, too, so I wouldn't say everyone should follow the light in the spring/summer dark in the fall/winter

  2. I don't even know you, but the ultra dark locks in the top two pics make your eyes pop something fierce. It makes you look dramatic and gorgeous and makes me jealous. You can't go too wrong with a look that makes other girls jealous!

  3. Go dark with a few light foils

  4. I like the dark hair better, though all your hairstyles are quite lovely. Why are most of the pictures taken in the car? Just curious...

  5. Thanks you guys! I am thinking dark with maybe some redish color too. And yes, most of my pictures are in the car haha. Car pics are my favorite because the lighting is the best and it's the only time I really think about photographing myself. When we are out doing stuff, I'd never think to hold the camera out to take a picture of myself and since I always have the camera, I never have pictures taken by others. lol...weird I know.

  6. You look great with any color! The only thing about dark in the summer is it's prone to getting some unwanted highlights in it. My sister is constantly dying hers dark brown when she's in the sun b/c she hates the reddish tint. But if you're putting highlights in anyway, it wouldn't matter.

  7. dark..it makes your eye color stand out! Addng red highlights would look amazing!

  8. Dark for certain.
    PS this is my first visit here. Love all the treasures I have found. Thank you!

  9. They both look nice but I think the dark looks better. It looks great with your skin tone and your eyes.

  10. I really liked the first picture. You look like a model there. Dark hair and green eyes. I really like your blog! Inspiring! Thank you! Monica


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