Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Week in Pictures

A Weekly Post
That Captures the Memories We Made
From Monday-Sunday
(more like the last week and a half)

Homemade Pizza's
He now proudly tells people each step to making a pizza :)

And because we are in the middle of a serious drought, instead of dumping our water after we were done with the pool, we  used buckets to carry the water around the yard to water the plants.

(Sorry if this offends anyone)
I always find ways to suprise my husband each week...a note in the drawer, a drawing on the mirror, a card in his lunchbox....anything to make him laugh or smile :)
He loved this one and I loved hearing him laugh out loud at 6:30AM getting dressed for work

A VERY early morning trip to the park
(while it was still only in the early 90's!)

Baking rainbow his tighty whities...which I just LOVED!

and we made some mini ones to put into a chicken pox get well goodie basket
for a my friend Tiffany's daughter.

Another trip to True Treasures where I spied these two french country printed tables....

and this bench....
I was making the hard decision of which one to get and my husband stopped by and he loved them too and said...GET ALL 3! my 9 month pregnant body, I literally jumped up and down like a giddy little girl getting a new doll or something haha.

and I can't help but post this picture of their upstairs, where all the vintage,  handmade, and redone children's toys and furniture are. It's such a neat place!

We saw "Mater" in Webb City, MO!

The last picture i'll take of myself pregnant and as a mother of 1!
Gaining 60 lbs during this pregnancy has certainly done a number to my ego,
but I'm trying to embrace it...because this will be the last time i'll be preggo!
(and no I am not doing the duck face...I despise the duck face!)

Linked Activites
(click the pics)

playdough filled balloons

Bubble Printing

Magnetic googly eyes

The evolution of a Nutella lover's snacktime

Pool Noodle Printing

Caddy Cat

She's always has to be right up in the clothes while they are being folded.
I usually just lay clothes on top of her and she just lays there :)

This will be the last post until after Baby Son is born on
I'll be spending my last week pregnant being a total lazy bum
and soaking up all the one on one time with L as I can
Pictures of Baby Son upon my return!

Hope you all have a great week/end!

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  1. Enjoy your baby break! I can't wait to see pictures. :)

  2. Best wishes for your baby time off. I have a boy the same age as L and we have both enjoyed your blog, me planning, J doing. You seem an amazing woman who seems to have a very good balance of life. You have inspired me to try and get a better balance, and to enjoy my time while i can with a growing boy. You have some fabulous ideas. Thank you for your time given to the blog, and wish you all the best. Rachel, UK.

  3. Jessie! Okay, here I go with a bunch of rambling...

    Eeeek, Baby SON! OMG, I am dying for him to arrive this week. I wish "M" was all better so I can see you before you are a mama of 2 :(

    Loveee the new furniture! Bryan is so laid back like Cody... its awesome to have amazing men who spoil us, isn't it?

    Those CUPCAKES were AMAZING, what did you use as the frosting?

    "M" & "A" are LOVING all their new goodies!!! You rock my socks off :)

    Mater? What were you doing in Webb City??? I wanna see him!

    Can I just say, "SMOKIN' Hot Preggo Mama!" Shut the front door, you look gorgeous as always :)

  4. Cannot wait to see pics of your new little boy!!!! Loved the note on the boxers :)

  5. He looks so very proud and happy in the first picture. Adorable! And those cupcakes look dangerously delicious. I seriously loathe it being in the 90's in the morning. I can't imagine being very pregnant in this heat. I suppose I'm a bit of a wuss though, anyways. I love the note on the boxers, and I love that picture of you! You have to be the prettiest pregnant woman ever. By that time in my pregnancy, my nose had grown three sizes. Lol. Good luck on the birthing!

  6. Best of luck on the birth of your newest son! I hope you get the package I sent soon! You look fab and no you don't look like you gained 60 lbs at all!
    Jada roo can do

  7. I wish we could all look as gorgeous as you 9 mos preggo! I know i didn't!!! I cannot wait to start playdates with you and our newborns! Eekk! :D Loved all the pics!!

  8. My kiddos would love those rainbow cupcakes - and the photo of your son is priceless!



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