Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HAPPY Humpday: Yarn Bombing

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So...i've just recently Learned about Yarn Bombing. Basically, it's legal textile street art...people stealthily sneaking out at night and covering "things" (seriously...anything) in beautiful works of knitted or crocheted art. This totally makes me smile because the artist are not defacing property, and it just seems like a whole lotta LOVE (in a modern day hippy love and peace kinda way) goes into these projects. Makes me wish I knew how to knit!

The yarn bombed trees are my favorite!

Yarn bombing has even made it here to Arkansas!!
In 2010 during ArtsFest in Conway, a student yarn bombed a downtown clock.

Hope you enjoyed the first of many

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  1. I thought I loved the bus - until I saw the white tree. I wonder how they do this? It must take FOREVER.

  2. ive seen this before Someone emailed me wanting to start one for something. Its basically strips of knitted or crocheted fabric attached to swomething. :)


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