Friday, May 11, 2012

Blue Glitter Goop with Flowers

We've made Goop LOTS of times (HERE, HERE, and HERE), but it never seems to get old! In case your new to goop, it's a marvelous concoction of simply cornstarch and water. I don't know the exact amounts, because we just dump a whole bunch of cornstarch in a bowl or bucket and add water until we get it to the conistency we like, but i'd say it's 1 part water to about 2 parts cornstarch.

When mixed, you get a goopy substance that you can squeeze as a solid, but when you release your hand, it will slip through your fingers as a liquid. You can actually pound your fist on this stuff and not break the surface. However, if you let your hand settle on it, it would sink into the goo. It's something you just HAVE to feel. It's pretty awesome for a kid, or an adult. I always end up playing with it myself and L can play with this stuff to no end. also washes off extremely easily!

We made goop outside again and added some glitter and food coloring, and L put some daisies from our yard in there as well. It was really pretty actually!

and like most things we quickly became a full body experience.

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  1. Wonderfullll! I love the first photo.

  2. Have u tried making gloop with custard powder. Lovely way of adding smell and colour to exploration!

  3. Goop is one of our favorite things!!! I love your large scale version. that first shot is just priceless!!! I think you should make a coffee table book with all your beautiful messy fun ideas!


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