Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Week in Pictures

A Weekly Post
That Captures the Memories We've Made
From Monday-Sunday
(including the cat)
(playing a bit of catch up this week with this post. Seems i'm always doing that...)

4th of July

Seriously, can any part of my body get any rounder?!

just a few more weeks!

Learning to wash his OWN dishes. He loves it!...for now anyway haha

L and his "Nonny" (my mom) cooking steak and scallops on the grill.

Playing in the rain! I was nice and dry under my umbrella.

L at Fastlanes


Shower ISpy.
We have a marble shower with blue swirls and my husband and I are always finding "things" in the swirls that the other has to find. We BOTH found this one the same day.
Can you guess who it is?
It's the snake off of  Disney's The Jungle Book (or Robin Hood..same snake)
He looks like he's scared. Can you see it? lol

The next one for my hubby to find is the moose

on a kidless evening I took a drive by myself past our road for the first time since moving in. I say this almost every day...I love Arkansas! Everything is just gorgeous.
I pulled over at several spots just to take pictures. I never take this beautiful land we live in for granted. It always stuns me.

I actually drive past this every day and wonder whats back there. During the evening (around 7pm) the light shines through so beautifully and it's been calling my name! I finally pulled over to take a peek.

closer and closer
and then I saw a i'll be saving the peek into the field for another day.

A vine forrest that I couldn't resist pulling over for. It was more like a kingdom!

A delicious fruit lunch!
 Oh, and any drink tastes better when it's in a mason jar.

Linked Activities
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L's Messy Art Birthday Party

Shaving Cream and Powdered Paints

Painting on a dry erase board

and lets not forget
Caddy Cat

I Spy Caddy Cat.
Can you find her?

Caddy peeking out of the rocket. She has claimed this tent as her playhouse.

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  1. Wow, you get a LOT more done in a week than we do! LOL

    Lovely baby belly pic, makes me want another :-)

    And that vine kingdom looks truly magical! Wow!!

  2. Beautiful Pics! Don't the Duggers live in Arkansas or am I nuts? BTW beautiful belly and you look adorable!

  3. You make me want a baby! Although I don't envy you being pregnant in that heat and humidity!
    Your vine kingdom is so cool! Can't you imagine playing Enchanted Garden?

  4. Thanks yall! Yes, the vine kingdom is amazing and if it wasn't so tall and grown up I'd LOVE to play all sorts of makebelieve with the boys in there! Oh, Andrea..yes the Duggars live about 20 minutes from here lol. I have several friends that see them all the time at Walmart.

  5. OMG your belly looks A-DORABLE!!!!! Not much longer
    now! :D


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