Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Evolution of a Nutella Lover's Snacktime

Ohhhhh L, I won't stop you because

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  1. Ohh how he enjoyed that!!!! hahaha I have got to try that stuff! It looks so good with apples! yum! :)

  2. Umm, so your NOT supposed to look like that when you eat it? Thats what I look like after eating spoonfuls right out of the jar!

  3. rofl!! We had a similar scene just yesterday. I've actually never tried Nutella, but we have something like it. Its "MaraNatha All Natural Dark Chocolate Almond Spread." I like it because I LOVE almonds and dark chocolate, plus it doesnt have high fructose corn syrup, etc in it. Which Nutella might not either. I haven't looked. The dark chocolate is what sold me on this one. Lol

  4. Tiffany, MEEE TOOO! Brian came home last night and I was sitting in the kitchen in the dark eating Nutella out of the jar. He was like WTH?! haha!

    Joyce, Nutella is soooo good! However, I also have the same MaraNatha Dark Chocolate stuff and am equally in love with it!!!

  5. I don't usually comment because I am always racing against the clock but I just have to say 'how CUTE your little guy is! My favourite was the look of anticipation before his birthday cake was cut, but these are so adorable too. Puts a smile on my face. I am very much enjoying the content of your posts too - thank you :D


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