Sunday, February 13, 2011

Laminated Alphabet Activities

We're snowed in which has had me searching for extra activities for L.
 I received a laminator for Christmas from my mom
 (thanks mom!) and decided to bust it out for the first time.
Well, now i'm addicted to it and can't wait to do more projects! No more trips into town and playing the waiting game just to laminate projects!

My first project was laminating the alphabet---one letter per page.
I have all sorts of games planned for these.

Here's a few we've done so far:

Sticks and Strings
Using popsicle sticks and pieces of string, L outlined the letters.
I'll be getting more brightly colored string to use for this when the snow melts enough to get my car out.

and we also played a game with our HOMEMADE NO SEW BEANBAGS. I laid out all the letters in order and we took turns tossing our beanbags to letters that we chose and called out, or we just tossed them and called the letter out when it landed on one. Then we picked up the letter and put it in our own piles. L kind of played it both ways but had lots of fun. There was lots of cheering and excitement when he picked up "his" letter that his beanbag landed on and he got to put it in his letter pile. He even told me he was "proud" of me when I landed a beanbag on a letter. It was adorable. This was an EXCELLENT way to review his alphabet!

Beginning Letter Object Find
We've also played a game where either me or L chooses a letter then we run around and find toys and other objects around the house that start with that letter, and place them on the letter itself. He needs lots of help with this game, but hey...thats why we're doing it!

Letter "I Spy"
I've also been taping letters to the wall in crazy places and we play "I spy the letter...." This is lots of fun for him because he loves to play the game "I Spy" anyway.

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