Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nature Walk

Took our first real nature walk. I filled Lawson's sippy cup with juice and told myself that we'd walk until his juice ran out and he started fussing for more. That was about an hour and a half later so it gave us enough time for a nice outdoor walk. It took a few stops but he really started to catch on to the concept of collecting things to put in his car cubby. Then he started to control the stops.

We walked until Lawson saw a spot he wanted to get out of his car and explore. He would say "Out!" and he'd collect some things and explore a bit and then say "ok mommy, lets go!" and then hop in his car and wait to be pushed to the next place. It was so cute!

I saw this fence in someones yard and wanted a picture of Lawson in front of it, but the people were home and out working in their yard, so when they weren't looking I took Lawson's drink and threw it by the fence. Of course he ran to go get it, and then I snapped a quick picture when he got to the fence. After I got my pic, I loudly said "Ok Lawson let's get out of their yard ok!" haha! Anything for a good picture!

Lawson's picking grass to put in his collection

Filling his cubby with his nature treasures

His nature treasures. I love my baby :)

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