Monday, April 12, 2010

Kaleidoscope Children's Museum in Tulsa,Ok

We went to the Kaleidoscope Children's Museum in Tulsa, OK on Saturday...and wow! The place was huge and was probably one of the neatest places for kids I have ever seen! This was a child's pretend/imaginary play heaven! They had themed rooms set up to look like a cafe, market, salon, doctors office, and post office. The kids could interact, play with, and touch EVERYTHING! It was so neat! They had a huge play area with big play equipment, a rock climbing wall, and other fun stuff. They had a stage area with TONS of costumes. I couldnt resist trying at least ONE costume on! haha. They also had a giant playhouse that was set up like a real house with kids size couches and a fireplace...just one of the coolest places ever! We will definately be visiting this place again!

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  1. I want to bring my kids in this place. Hmmm they will probably enjoy.

  2. I would luv to visit the museum! How much do it cost and what are the days and hours the museum is open

    1. The museum is now closed. The best Children's Museum is in Seminole OK and well worth the drive for a day trip. Jasmine Moran Children's Museum. It was amazing and it took us hours to go through the whole thing.

  3. Excellent place to visit. I love to visit these places with my family and my 16 months old son likes coin operated kiddie rides a lot.


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