Monday, March 8, 2010

First Family Hike in 2010: Devil's Den State Park

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend, giving everyone a glimpse of the warmer weather fun to come!

On Friday I took Lawson to Bella Vista Park to play at the park and feed the ducks and geese. We fed them cheerios which was fun...until the cheerios were gone. When the bag was empty the geese started to get mad! They were biting our shoes and pants and so I scooped Lawson up and ran outta there! haha!

We spent both Saturday and Sunday exploring beautiful Devil's Den State Park.
On Saturday I took the boys by myself, and on Sunday, Brian was off work and was able to join us for another gorgeous day there! What an amazing family outting it was! The only bad thing about being there on the the weekend was how busy the park was. At every neat stop along the trail we were waiting "our turn" to view it, and were always following someone or being closely followed. Definately not the most enjoyable way to hike, but as time passed we seemed to just block out everyone else and focus on our little family :) It did come in handy to always have someone around to take a family picture though! There were lots of caves and large crevices, a few waterfalls, and awesome scenery! This place will be even more beautiful as spring arrives in full, and espcially during waterfall season, which is next month! Yay!

The day ended with a perfectly perfect pizza picnic on our backporch. I'm so in love with my family <3 br="">


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