Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Week 2010

It was an awesome Easter week at the Koller Home :)


Planted some herbs to grow in the kitchen.

Planting our veggies! Carrots, 2 types of squash, watermelon, beans, catnip, and cucumbers, strawberries, and tomatoes!

My Crafts

This craft is super easy! Take a paper egg carton and tear a few of the "cups" off. Paint the inside and the outside with white, beige, or tan, and then after they dry you fill them with yellow candy to look like yolk. This one makes me smile :)

Hollowed Eggs
I wanted to make some really cute hollowed eggs. It was kinda fun blowing the eggs out. Even Joey liked this and did some of his own. I did this because I wanted to put a piece of paper inside each one that contained a piece of the Easter Story. I kept it simple for now, because Lawson is still so young.

They turned out super cute!

I also took on the project of making heirloom eggs. These are Hollowed Easter Eggs that I want to eventually pass down to my children for Easter decorations. Since I'm not the worlds greatest painter, I stuck to my hot glue gun! I also wanted to make eggs that were "pretty" and not exactly "silly," but also not too feminine in case I have all boys! SO, I blew 10 eggs and decorated them with nuts, dry beans, rice, oatmeal, and spices.
I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I still have to spray them with some sort of sealant so the beans, rice, etc. don't turn to dust after awhile.

Easter Tree: Making the Eggs

Painting the eggs for the tree:

I bought some sponges for a little sponge painting :)

Sprinkle Eggs and Confetti Eggs

Let Lawson paint the eggs with glue and then sprinkle candy sprinkles all over them. Also bought those confetti eggs that are out right now for easter. Hollow real eggs filled with confetti. So then I just broke the seal of the hole they already made and let lawson shake the confetti out of the egg onto his construction paper egg. He LOVED this!

Our Easter Tree on Easter Morning

Lawson's Other Projects:

Easter Bake Dough
My friend Tiffany gave us her extra Easter Bake Art dough and so Lawson Painted away :) I glued magnets on the back and they were on the fridge all week, along with his Easter Coloring Pages.

Decorating Easter Cookies

Joey and I decorated sugar cookies. I tried to let Lawson do it but all he wanted to do was eat the cookie. We'll try again next year! haha! Joey really liked this activity. He loves anything that lets him be artistic.

My cookies

Joey's cookies

Lots of Outdoor time. This week has been absolutely gorgeous!

Don't have a sandbox yet so I took some feed corn and let lawson play in it. He was lovin it! Redneck Sandbox! haha

Lawson's Dirt Table: He loves getting dirty and I love letting him!

Easter Egg Hunt with the WFSG

Easter Morning

Brian Suprised me with my own Easter Basket! No wonder he was so late coming home on Saturday :) LOVE THAT MAN! I especially liked what was hidden under the Easter Grass! haha!

Joey's on the hunt for Eggs

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