Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paper Bag Bear Cave Craft: Learning about Hibernation

Paper Bag Craft

With the Winter days approaching fast, L and I have been observing, talking about, and learning about seasonal animal behavior, particularly migration and hibernation. He loves to  talk about bear hibernation because there is a cave near our house that he thinks a bear lives in. There is one bear hibernation fact that he finds VERY funny---bears are the ONLY animals that do not pee or poop the entire time they are in hibernation. He loves to tell people this interesting fact! 

So, to further expand on our recent hibernation exploration,
we made a bear cave using a paper bag.

Paper Bag Craft

Step 1
Cut about 4 inches off the top of the paper bag

Step 2
Cut an arched cave opening from one side of the bag

Step 3
Fold the two sides of the bag together and fold 1 inch of the edge over.
 Staple along the edge to hold the fold in place.

Step 4
Pop the bag open to form a cave.

Step 5 & 6
Glue some fake snow, fiberfill, or cotton balls along the top of the cave
and along the bottom opening.

We had a small toy teddy bear to put in our cave, but if you don't you can have your child draw a picture of a bear, OR print one that can be colored or cut out as is such as the one below!

I thought this one was very cute! 


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  1. What a great idea, thank you for sharing! I pinned it. :)

  2. Love your ideas you have posted thanks so much for them all. on the Bear Hibernation thought i would give you a little hint if you google search Lily the black bear you will find that she is a wild Black Bear in Ely Minnesota. She has been Followed by researcher Lynn Rogers since she was a baby, and has allowed the research group to actually place a web cam in her Den. she has just recently had two new cubs. there are links and videos of her web cam. thought you might liek to know and watch. :)


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