Thursday, August 23, 2012

Themed Bath Thursday: Bathtub Restaurant

TOTALLY inspired by Growing a Jeweled Rose's Sensory Bath Ideas, I decided to dedicate one night a week to making bathtime EXTRA special! Thursday's are usually our least busiest night of the week, so Themed Bath Thursdays were born! This was our 10th week.

Bathtub Restaurant
We've done so many outdoor cooking activities that it was only a matter of time before it dawned on me to bring our plastic play food in the bath. L, he SUPER LOVED this bath night! The wood bench above has all-weather sealant on it so I wasn't worried about it being in the bath for just a bit. He would have had fun without it too but I loved the play element that it added to the whole thing. I printed a "Lawson's Bathtub Restaurant" sign using some clip art that I found of a man cooking in his bath and taped it to the wall, gave him all his plastic water friendly food, an empty spice shaker, small frying pan, cup, plate, bowl, and spoon.
He was in business and started taking orders!

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  1. I just love your them bath ideas. I don't know how you come up with them but they look so fun!

  2. You have some amazing ideas! I love, love your blog!

  3. This looks like loads of fun, my son would love it

  4. My 3-year-old loves bathtime! This is such a cool idea to make it extra special! Thanks for sharing!

  5. My son would go crazy for this! What a brilliant idea.

  6. My corner vanity unit always saves an extra space for the toys of my little one. Little Daniel really loves bath time especially with squeaky pooh and tiger!

  7. Cool idea! In this way, a parent could definitely educate their children about what are the stuff that are healthy for them and what are not. Rest assured that their children will grow informed about what foods are nutritious for them to eat.

  8. Correct. This is a brilliant way to educate your child about healthy eating. Maybe next time they could try a swimming party with a catering service, so more children can participate! It's quite amusing, you even printed "Lawson's Bathtub Restaurant!"


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