Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shaving Cream Rainbow Slip-N-Slide

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So this is the 2nd time we've made a shaving cream slip-n-slide, but since we NEVER tire of shaving cream play, I put a rainbow twist on it this time. I just LOVE rainbow stuff!

I spread a layer of shaving cream on a plastic table cloth and then sprinkled powdered tempura paint in a rainbow for lots of messy, slippery, colorful fun! Even my 14 year old stepson couldn't resist this colorful and messy invitation to play! I even got a smile or two out of him--BIG YAY!

LOL oh how I love this boy!

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  1. Brilliant fun! Thanks for sharing - such great photos too..yay for summer!

  2. I LOVE that your 14 year old step son got in on the action! I know it's hard to get teens... but shaving cream is one way to get them smiling!! I think this is a fantastic summertime activity!!! Your ideas are awesome!!!

  3. Great idea, but one question. Does the shaving cream get into eyes, If it does, does it hurt?


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